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Welcome to Jen CB…

As I take a walk amongst the trees, I am mindful by my own thoughts, my own feelings, and the emotions that spark from them. This is a place I come to on a regular basis for healing, self-reflection, and personal growth.

I have taken many moments thinking and processing my life as the tall pines sway as the wind blows. Their song echoes and the birds chirp in harmony. I can depend on this place to discover my strength along my path.

The Jen-ergy

Why wait for the opportunities that come tomorrow when today is full of amazing surprises?

From Semi-Pro athlete to Young Widow, I have come through hard trials and tribulations. However, the lows have never stopped me from finding love and joy in life! What these challenges have taught me is to live life for the moment. How do I keep healthy? How do I maintain a good sound mind and body balance? I turn to the land! Come join me as I help you discover what the land can do for you.




So what is a Labyrinth? This mindfulness training tool, known as a labyrinth, is an ancient symbol that relates to an individual’s wholeness. It encompasses the mind, the body, and the soul with the imagery of the circle-spiral formation on a purposeful path. Labyrinth walking is a simple process where a person walks on the spiral path that leads from the outside of the labyrinth to the centre, and then back out on the same path. As a result, walkers can free the mind and enjoy a  “walking meditation” and mindfulness experience with the ability to self-reflect their own life’s path. 

Feel called to walk the labyrinth?

Open Walks/ Classes/ and Private Labyrinth Walks with Coaching available.