What is a guide?

A guide is someone who shows the path to others. 
As a guide, I love to show people the many practice ways we can incorporate mindfulness moments in our daily life. On the nature trail is where you will find me. I provide life coaching and fundamental skills to my clients looking to find the practical ways we can incorporate mindfulness training and education. Feeling the energy from the land can help us heal, grieve, brainstorm, goal setting, think and reflect. The path represents that mirror image for our life’s path. Our land is our eldest and wisest teachers, let’s listen to Gaia, learn, and grow. I am your guide to the land and soul.


What you can experience!

Whether it’s a coaching session, a meditation class, a nature hike, or retreat weekend in Algonquin, I offer the space for you to experience the present moment. You are able to listen within and have the confidence moving forward along your path. My job, as a coach and guide, is to help you find the many practical ways we can incorporate mindfulness education into our daily life. 

Labyrinth & Solstice Walks

In a beautiful walking meditation experience, I will guide you along the path helping you tap into your heart centre and connect with the energy.

Grief Guiding

Mindfulness meditation skills can help you move those grief emotions through your body in a calm and gentle way. I support your grieving needs as you create your new normal.

Speaking & Workshops

Do you want to incorporate mindfulness at work or at school? I offer a wide range of programs tailoring to 5-250 people for leadership and/or mindfulness training.

Private/Family Coaching

Mindfulness training helps assist you in many of life’s challenging events. Whether it’s grief, stress, anxiety, or athletic goal setting, I can help you or your child for optimal life performance.

Energy Cleansing

Using the four sacred medicines of our earth, I can help you cleanse a home or business, leaving you feeling a positive vibration in your space. During a smudge cleanse, I will also teach you how to complete the process yourself.

 Meditation Classes

Do you have “monkey mind”?
Are you too busy to meditate? Let me guide you in a meditation experience suitable to your lifestyle.
Small group, semi-private and private sessions available.


“The path represents that mirror image for our life’s path.” ~ Jen CB



Grief Guiding

The path of grief is never the same for any experience. As a young widow, I had to walk this path at the age of 33. As a result, I looked to the land to help me dig deep into my grief-stricken sorrow and post-traumatic stress. Whether it’s the death of a family member, pet, loss of a friendship, loss of a job, I can guide you to the land and show you how GAIA can help you move through these emotions with grace and comfort.

Speaking Engagements & Workshops

From mountain believer to mountain achiever, let Jen CB bring the Jen-ergy to your stage.
Jen CB offers one – three hour workshops which include mindfulness training and a variety of topics tailored to your needs. 

Some of the organizations she has spoken infront of include:

  • The Canadian Mental Health Association 
  • Simcoe County District School Board
  • Georgian College and Rama First Nations
  • County of Simcoe and Simoce County Paramedics