The candles are lit, the fire is going and the stockings were hung on the mantel with loving care. 

Yes, this is a time of year where I dive deep into my soul and listen to the wonderful melodies of Christmas music in my home. Some would think it’s too early, others agree with me… but mostly around this time of year, it’s a push-pull debate among many. And for this, I wish to explain some reasoning, or maybe perhaps shed some light on the never-ending conversation. 

Believing is about making the MAGIC HAPPEN!

I remember as a child, I felt the magic fill the air with sparkle and enjoyment around this time of year. It usually started in late November and proceeded until Christmas Day. Family, tradition, hot chocolate and winter stories all encompassed the holiday season. The snow glimmered in the moonlight, the coloured lights on the tree reminded me of fairies dancing amongst the branches. Oh, how I wished for the things I wanted, creating (what I thought in my child mind) an abundance for myself. These were the days I believed… without a doubt that magic could make things possible. 

Children have this ability. without us teaching or enforcing a harsh reality on them, that abundance is possible if you truly believe with all of your heart. They create these opportunities for themselves. They write letters to Santa, layout cookies, and they believe in the things unseen and the magic will manifest into the things they want for their lives. A new bike, or a doll… they love the feeling of joy it brings to them and the time spent with these new objects. Somewhere along the lines when we stopped believing in Santa. We stopped believing in ourselves of all the possibilities we can achieve the same joy… and somewhere along our path, we believe there is no magic! But is this true?

Over the years, I get a number of people inquiring of my passion for Christmas and the holiday season. Yes, I’m the one who will play holiday music all year round. There is no questioning it, many are annoyed with this with their eyes rolling (lol), and my closest friends and family have accepted it. I am who I am!

Here’s the thing, the harmony of holiday music, the melodic accompaniment of Christmas music reminds me of my childhood. It brings me back to that time where I believed that anything was truly possible. So my question is, why can’t I have this as an adult too? When we believe in the things unseen, when we believe in the possibilities, the magic will happen for us. The holiday season is a constant reminder for me to keep myself surrounded by love, peace, joy, gratitude, and knowing that the abundance will come from this. So instead of having this just once a year, I can let the sparkles flow all throughout the year.

Now listening to Christmas music may not be for everyone, which I can respect. Vibrational frequencies from music and sound operate differently from one another. However, I encourage you to think back to a time in your childhood where you felt love and joy, creating the abundance and to tap into your inner child heart. This is where the magic sparkles of life can be found within yourself, making all things possible. Because you are POSSIBLE! 

Create the magic, create the possibilities for your life path. And let the music dance within your soul. 


This past Friday afternoon, while scrolling through the Facebook newsfeed, I came across a video of the song, in remembrance to an Hawaiian Indigenous Singer (IZ). It marked the beginning of letting go the waves of sorrow and emotion, in which (I can honestly say) felt good. My heart sank, my knees up to my chest, the dim light was on and I couldn’t help but replay the song as I discovered a spiritual belief in this moment of darkness. Mixed feelings are inevitable and one I’m not apposed to writing about (grief and sadness plus joyous excitement). Last blog I wrote was about the darkness… and now a new discovery that was illuminated by an abundance of colour. 

A few months prior, that very song surfaced on FB. It was a moment where both Derek and I stopped and listened to the melody. Both he and I enjoyed it very much, standing randomly in our room as we paused our day, and there also a few tears that slipped through. I hadn’t understood why, however I can now connect the dots and realize my soul might have had already knew the inevitable.

I had never really payed much attention to rainbows up until just recently. I had noticed the rainbows while living in Switzerland as we were surrounded by them landing over the Swiss alpines. This happened quite frequently. I knew they were a huge part of my spirituality, though could never really connect the dots. I noticed them coming more and more into my circle of awareness in the months leading up to Derek’s passing. I started questioning this and even asked others what the beauty meant to them. I knew the dots would connect eventually… I just never realized how or why… 

Only 2 days prior to his transition and passing, we were driving on the outskirts of Barrie heading out to a new friends house for wine and boardgames. Over the rolling hills and off to the north, we were following this beautiful rainbow. He slowed down so I was to capture the majestic beauty that symbolized the calm after the storm. Talk about dramatic irony of what was to lay ahead. The colour was magnificent capturing every “colour of the rainbow” that early evening as we were driving. From the deep reds on one side to the vibrant of purples on the other, the sun played its roll in shining its energy down for us to admire this work of art. We followed it to our friends house as if it was lighting our path.

And now after listening to this song, I can now understand how you (Derek) have followed the path… Over the Rainbow… and for others to follow their path…. this what has come to me…  

…Scientifically, the rainbows are the reflection of light against water droplets, however they are the reflection appearing from the other spectrum realms of light in the sky. We followed that rainbow that evening whereby only 48 hours later I can now feel within me how Derek continued his path onward and upward across the multiple rays of light into another dimension. 

Somewhere over the rainbow, there’s a place where the dreams are projected in colour and it is there the pathway leads onward, on your journey. The storm has subsided now. Your energy has now been carried over the rainbow leading you home. These doors create a double vision…  it is where the doors are located for me to find you, knowing you are not far off from where you aught to be and for me to believe in the dreams that lay before me on this plain. 

You can follow the rainbow path, as your dreams are waiting there for you. May your heart sore with the abundance of this beauty that lay before you, knowing the world can create many wonderful majestic pieces of art and colourful possibilities- just waiting for you to explore. And it is there…. where your loved ones are watching from above… in love light and truth.