About the Jen-ergy

Peace of Mind Included

Jen CB is an M.Ed, Coach, Speaker, and former Semi-Pro Athlete. While overcoming the struggles of depression and obesity, she achieved her dream of becoming an international Softball Pitcher and Cy Young Award winner. After coming off a tremendous high in life which began her career to motivate others, life turned unexpectedly, losing her husband suddenly to cancer in October of 2016. Are you interested in learning more? Having her Master of Education, with research focusing on experiential and mindfulness training practices for adult learners, she understands many of life’s trials and tribulations and creates a space for you to become aware of the various mindfulness practices to help you through the amazing high’s and lows along your path. 


Mindfulness Demonstration

As a a mindfulness instructor and facilitator, the number one comment or response I receive is “Jen, I’ve got monkey mind, I can’t meditate”. What does this mean? There is a growing problem in which I’d like to share the many practical ways we can achieve a mindfulness moment…

Christmas, Let the Magic Begin!

Are you interested in creating a mindfulness practice for you and/or your family? Check out my latest holiday video, helping you appreciate mindfulness moments this holiday season. Let the magic bring out your inner child, sparking those memories while eliminating the stresses of everyday life. Happy Holidays from Jen CB!

The journey from Grief to Grace

A widow falls to the kitchen floor in tears. Only a week ago she called the 911 dispatch hoping her husband only had flu-like symptoms. Little did she know that stage four of pancreatic cancer was eating him from slowly the inside out…

By taking you on a dark journey, I openly share the real and raw side of grief. By allowing yourself to journey, you can move through with grace and love.